Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Why So Emotionless?

You never got it. Why was Lucas(Norway) so stiff or as u like to say:"born as a rock" attitude and never understood how it would harm him to show atleast a small smile or shed a single tear or even blush but that face of his remained the same as if he held no interests for this world surrounding him or the ppl sometimes in it.
You were determined to make him show some emotion if it even made u do it til the day you die....well not that serious but u get the perspective of this situation.
Anyhow! On to the adventure~~~~
You were hiding in a bush at the town park watching the Norwegian have his head in his book and stranging Matthias(Denmark) with his own tie probably for being a pervert like on the usual daily basis.You held a voice recorder just incase but mostly just wanted to look like a cool detective on a high ranking case but you shook that thought from ur head as Lukas walked past the shrub u were in.You sighed in relief for him not seeing u until u heard a dull tone saying,"What are u doing?"
You almost sky-rocketed out of the bush and turned,red-faced,to face Lukas who was raising an eyebrow.You gave ur usual cat-like smile and said,"Trying to make u show some emotion".
You only got a grunt in reply and quickly followed Plan A by showing him one of Gilbert's(Prussia's) old PlayBoy magazines and waited for a nosebleed or a snatch but nothing happened and u cringed with incredibility.'How does this guy do it?!'you pondered only to have Lukas stoop to ur level,seeing as you were sitting down,and his eyes seem to bore straight through your on [e/c] ones."Quit playing foolish games when they get you no where'' he said somewhat nonchalantly and u felt a little irritated and felt like grabhing his little collar and maybe just choke h-nvm that though and u glared at him."I will once u show me some emotion" you said somewhat low toned as you were hoping for more confidence and louder but was disappointed.Norway stood back up and started walking away.WTH?
You jumped up quickly and tackled him fighting his struggling figure,"Show me an emotion or I wont leave u alone!"you said with a pouty face."Oh sure,do what you do everytime and annoy the surrounding ppl.Why cant u learn to act your age and be less annoying,it would help to handle such a person like u a whole lot easier."Lukas said looking away and sighing irritably.You sat there shocked but hurt more than anything and u looked down letting u [h/c] bangs fall into ur face and a few tears dropping on the grass."Fine,if that's what u want then you can consider a burden rid off,Norway"you got up and ran off to your home not wanting to see the surrounding world seeing u like this as you were normally happy,loud,and plenty other things but this pitiful state he just left you feeling.Norway could only watch ur petite figure run off and a sudden hinge of pain hitting him while his eyes widened and he stood up slowly.He did the tough act while leaveing the ppl but inside he felt everything u could hate to feel.Pain,Guilt,Persistance,and even more as he felt pathetic and he always mirrored he'd say that to someone annoying but never would he have imagined to say that to the one he loves deeply.
~A couple of days later~~
You hadnt left your room for what seemed like weeks even as it was only 3 days,but u were in pain and was cuddled beneath ur covers with your tear stained pillow.You didnt want contact with anyone,even you friends,of anyone in the outside world afraid you'd be annoying them or having them call u a burden as well.You heard a knock and didnt move but heard the door unlock as seeing someone let theirselves in.You felt the bed shift down some as someone sat down next to you and placed a hand on the fort of covers u had made yourself a nice cacoon in.You felt shocked seeing a guilty Norwegian's face but turned away feeling a sudden surge of anger as well.You were suprised he would even show his face to you again after that crap he said.You were pulled back and suddenly kissed forcefully and didnt take anytime to react as you shot ur hands into his soft blonde hair moaning a lil in the process.Lukas gave a victory smile and deepened the kiss by forcefully shoving his pink muscle into your mouth and having a tongue war easily winning.You brought him down closer to u and felt your shirt lifted off of you and gasped softly feeling Lukas nip at a certain spot between your collarbone and shoulder,moaning as he sucked and bit at it.You bucked a lil feeling him pinch your nipple through your bra and then-